Horsemeat Found In Burgers

Horsemeat in Burgers

Those grocery-store burgers you just brought may not be exactly what you think!

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland stated they have found horsemeat in a few brands of frozen burgers on sale throughout the UK.

9 out of 10 burger samples from one Irish chain store contained horse DNA in patties with one of the samples containing 29 percent horsemeat.

The Food Safety Authority’s chief executive stated the meat has no risks to health but they expect an large amount of yuks throughout the UK

Some of the stores effected are Aldi, Iceland, Lidl and Tesco however they are withdrawing a number of beef products after the DNA was found in frozen burgers.

To read the full story visit BBC News Here

Small Business Websites

Small Business Websiteswebsite design

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IT Support Gloucestershire

It Support Gloucestershireit support

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Computer Repair

How to find a computer repair companycomputer repair

Many of us rely heavily on our computers for work and leisure and it’s really important to be able to contact a computer repair company if you have a problem with your PC or laptop. You will need to be able to rely on the company to fix the problem for you quickly and at a fair price and this is why it is vital that you take your time to find an experienced company.

A reputable IT company is always worth sourcing and there are a few things you can do to test how good a company is including:

Look into their history
See how long they have been established
Ask previous customers what they think of their services
See what services they offer
Test them out

One of the best things you can do is test them out to see how quickly they manage to make the necessary repairs and you should always compare prices from different companies to see which one is offering the best rates. However, it is important to also rate the value for money and not just the overall cost as you might want to pay slightly more for a fast and reliable service.

If your computer is working properly and you are more concerned with getting a faster internet connection, then you will need to search for a company that offers different internet packages. You can talk to them about which one is their best broadband package to see what they advise and it is important to have internet in this day and age, especially if you run a business. Things like email are a vital way to keep in contact with clients and a fast internet connection is something that most businesspeople demand.

Organising things like computer repairs is fairly simple if you live in a big city as there are lots of companies that you can use. You can do some research of your own into their reputation by looking online and by asking people you know which company they use.

Here are some of the most common computer repair services that are widely available:

Laptop repairs
PC repairs
Virus removal
Network support for homes and offices
Hardware upgrades
Software upgrades
Software support
Hardware support

You can look on a computer repair company website to get hold of information about what services the company offers but they will rarely list their prices as they will vary from job to job. If you want to find out how much they charge for different services, then you should contact them for more information. While it is important to ensure that the services are affordably priced, it is also important to make sure you get good value for your money, so take the level of service into account as well as the actual price.

If your computer is working fine and you need to get an internet connection sorted out, then you can try speaking to the repair company for some advice. It is possible that they will know of the best deals around as they work in the sector and you can find good deals on broadband when you shop around. Whether you are online all day or you just use it occasionally, it is important to have a fast and reliable internet connection.

You can often organise internet connections especially for businesses and you can organise connections that are suitable for home use. Mobile connections and ultra fibre connections are also available and which package you get should depend on how often you use the internet.

If you already have internet but you have no means of using it as your computer isn’t working, then you should be busy looking for a specialist repair company. It is important to ensure that you have all of the latest anti-virus systems installed into your computer and you can speak to a repair company about which one they advise you use. You can have viruses removed from your computer by a specialist company so if you suspect you have a problem like this, then get it fixed as soon as possible.

It is important to many people to have their computer back up and running again as quickly and as affordably as possible and this is why it is important to shop around for a decent repair company. You should also keep your eye out for special promotions and custom options to ensure you get a good deal.

Computer Problems

Major Computer Problems that Only Professionals it helpShould Handle

Nowadays, virtually everyone is using the Internet to their advantage, be it to promote their business or continually connect with their social circle. There are times though that PC problems emerge, and if you are not completely computer-savvy, then you have to seek the aid of a professional technician.

Use these additional references for more practical guides.

  • antispam : If it is anti-spam software that you need, choose MailCleaner.

Here are major PC troubles that you must leave in the hands of IT experts.

Virus Attacks

This is one of the most dreadful and alarming problems that any Web user can experience. The infiltration of worms and bugs into the computer system can literally delete all important files and data. When this happens, a computer repair technician must be called in right away to check and retrieve whatever applications and stored information can be retrieved.

Hardware failure

Hard drive problems or constant rebooting concerns must immediately be referred to a tech support specialist for thorough inspection. If you attempt to fix the defect on your own, you could damage crucial parts that can render the device completely useless.


Your computer is constantly susceptible to malicious attacks. Installation of anti-virus software or other necessary applications to counter such problems must be installed by experts to avoid theft of identity and sensitive data.

Slow Web Connection

IT specialist can identify the causes of slow connection occurrences and resolve the issue the soonest possible time.

Resolving computer troubles by yourself may just worsen the situation. To ensure that problems are addressed correctly, never hesitate to seek an expert’s service.

Desktop Or Laptop

Desktop or Laptop: Which Is the Ideal Device for You?

These days, a lot of people are highly dependent on computers. And why not? They are convenient and extremely useful. Plus, they help make our daily activities easier and faster.

If you are now considering getting your own, visit these excellent reading resources first.

  • Vividwireless : Contact Vividwireless right away to have the wireless broadband plan suitable to your needs.

Now, if you have yet to decide between a laptop and a desktop PC, here is a discussion on the different merits of both types of devices.

Why should you choose a laptop?laptop repair

  • It is very portable. If your lifestyle includes a lot of travelling or commuting, especially business trips, then you definitely want a gadget that you can easily carry around with you.
  • It saves on space because it is small and doesn’t have a lot of working components or parts.
  • It is more energy efficient. Laptops are designed to utilise less electrical power than personal computers.

Why should you choose a desktop PC? desktop

  • It is easy to repair. Since the working components are installed individually, damage to just one part, like the keyboard, will not necessarily affect the other parts. Also, you can easily find compatible parts for various brands in the market.
  • It is more powerful. This is an important quality if you are a gamer, programmer, video editor, or someone who needs high-speed graphics and audio settings.

Choosing between these two is not as hard as it seems. All you have to do is consider your needs and your personal preferences in using computers.

Computer Viruses

Most Dangerous Computer Viruses and MalwareComputer Viruses

Computer viruses, spy-ware and mal-ware are types of software. All types of software programs that are created for malicious intent are dangerous. However, there are some that are more harmful than others. The damage they do include the loss of images and files, breach of security, and even identity theft.

Access more specific insights on this subject by browsing these domains:

Over the decades, many different kinds of computer malware and viruses have wreaked havoc in thousands of networks and websites worldwide. Here are some of the most dangerous types you must watch out for:

Ransomware Trojans

These programs encrypt data files on the infected PC, consequently demanding money from the victims in return for the decryption key. Perhaps one of the best examples of a ransomware Trojan is the Pgcoder.

Password Stealers

These types of malware collect login credentials for networks, emails, games, and various banking and ecommerce websites. Most password stealers can be repeatedly used by attackers even after they have infected the PC.

Overwriting Viruses

Although rare, this kind of malicious software is perhaps the most dangerous of them all. These viruses overwrite original files using their own infected code. Because the data has been modified, the user will not be able to access it again. The Loveletter or Lovebug is a great example of this virus.

Contracting Vs in house

Computer Services

Computer Services InfoComputer Services

The efficiency of any large or small organisation rests on its resources, and among those that play a very crucial role is network infrastructure. Operating a good system can offer various advantages; that is why, it is imperative to employ IT people for its maintenance and repair.

Now, you may be torn between hiring in-house staff and contracting out individuals to take care of your computer systems. Perhaps knowing the differences may help you with this dilemma.


If you decide to contract this service, providing training is not your duty anymore since the team is employed by another company. On the other hand, the responsibility lies in your hands when opting to hire your own staff, as this is for the improvement of their knowledge and skills.


When it comes to wages, it can be more expensive to employ your own IT staff than when you outsource IT work. Do remember that you will have to pay for trainings, benefits, uniforms, equipment, and others. Working with another team, though, relieves you of such  burden.

Obviously, outsourcing the services of IT experts is more advantageous for you. So, if you are in need of a reputable company today, get in touch with us at L.J.A. Computer Services! To know how we can help you with your IT needs, find out about our expertise here.

Computer Repair – Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware and Softwarecard installation

Computer Equipment

The equipments like tools, keys, locks, chains and all the other equipment that are made up of metals and are used in mechanical processes like repairing or maintenance in the process of dealing with machines. With hardware people are sometimes confused between hardware and computer hardware. But there is a major difference between hardware and computer hardware.

What is computer hardware?

All those components of computer systems that are tangible and on which either input could be given (like keyboard and mouse etc.) or output could be received (like monitor and printer etc.) are known as computer hardware. These hardware components of computer system themselves do not generate instructions but process the instructions generated by either software or user.

Computer hardware is only a subset of the word hardware that is when we say computer hardware we only mean the hardware used in computer system but if we say only hardware we mean all the hardware that can be used in any machine. Computer hardware includes following parts in a computer system like: keyboard, mouse, floppy drive, hard disk, CD Drive, printer, RAM etc.

But does the hardware alone makes the computer system? no it does not. A computer system with hardware and without software is life less that means it is same as like a TV without electricity. To make a computer system fully functional software is essential with the hardware. The very basic software that is required for making a computer work in a friendly manner and enabling it to support all the user activities is the operating system.

What is Operating System?

In a layman language operating system is the software that brings life to computer system. Operating system itself does not do any thing but provides an environment in which other software programs could execute. It provides an interface between the user and the computer hardware. It directs the user to operate on the computer. It provides guidelines to user on how to work on the computer. Operating system is the software that makes other hardware work in an efficient manner.

The field of hardware and software has also become the career for new generation and has very wide prospects in this field. People who wanted to be established as hardware or software engineers can complete their degree or diploma course from any reputed institution and start their career with the established organization or can if they are willing to be entrepreneurs they can start their own company working in this field.