Computer Repairing – Local and Remote Support

The wide range of computer repairing services we offer can be categorized into two, local and remote.

Local computer repairs and support can be carried out by either local collection and delivery to us or by our remote Lense service where your mobile phone camera becomes our eyes, and you become our technicians’ hands while we direct you on what to do.

computer repairing

It’s extremely easy and we talk in terms you will easily understand. Remote computer repairing can be done online over the internet if you have an internet connection, we call this remote support.

We have limited support to provide for Apple devices, they already have an infrastructure in place which makes supporting the devices difficult, time-consuming, and costly. You can always use our forums and get the support that way.

We offer support for Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, and Android, these include all devices which run these systems, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and many more.

Screen Repairs: If you have a broken screen on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet we will do that for you with the delivery service or local collection and drop off. As you can see in the video below this can either be easy or hard so the general cost for this is £60

Microsoft Windows: If you have a problem on your computer, your computer is slow or something just isn’t right our computer repairing service can repair that for you, no problems. We can usually do this remotely from anywhere.

computer repairing upgrades

Email and Web: If you need technical help or support with needing emails or a website, a custom domain name or a blog we have everything you need. No technical skills are required from you.

Computer Upgrades: In today’s world, most computers are sold at their lowest spec to meet affordability for customers. Then the Laptop or PC slows down and is forced to buy a new one, or you deal with the frustrations of being in such a situation.

We can upgrade your computer including laptops to be as good as or even better than purchasing a new one. Speak to us to find out more, especially if you are considering buying new because yours now seems old.

Other Devices: If you need help or support with smart home devices, televisions, smart speakers, and anything that connects to the internet, we can help you.

Networking – Home Office Networks: Do you have slow wi-fi at home, is your internet fast but always seems slow? We can help with your home networking solutions and get everything running perfectly without it going wrong again. Excluding reasons, I cannot control of course.

Home and home office: If you need support for home or your home office network and equipment like printers, file sharing, and more technical support we can provide one-off call-outs or simple maintenance or support contact. Please contact us to discuss more.

computer repair